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The Centropix Mission

A start-up company with global vision

CENTROPIX is designed to awaken, empower and inspire global consciousness and fulfill our destiny to promote superior wellbeing, abundant prosperity and a contented heart for all.

As a German-Swiss high-end biotech company, Centropix brings innovative, bio-resonant innovations to the market via an inspiration-based, education-oriented and service-oriented network of subsidiaries.

CENTROPIX is based on the principles of balanced living and is more than a company, more than one Transaction, more than a product. We are a cause for a shift in consciousness and strive to achieve "the greater good".

CENTROPIX envisions a “universe of gratitude” achieved through community, interaction, service, maturity and support for a common purpose.

Our vision in our company slogan is to lead a movement of like-minded people to respond to a higher calling:

Be the Change

Centropix Founders & Owners

Nik Gleim

From a Garage to a Global Movement

Nik Gleim is an expert in the field of P.E.M.F. technology with over twenty years of experience. He started his professional career in 1996 in Munich, where he and a friend sold computer hardware and software and carried out network installations.

In 1999, Gleim founded Hitronix GmbH and produced his first round of P.E.M.F. products right out of his garage in Dornbirn, Austria.

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A component manufacturer at the time of the first Hitronix customer often delivered inferior quality, to achieve the required quality and to meet deadlines, Gleim and his small team had to work nights in a garage to remove the defective components. Gleim came to the conclusion the entire manufacturing process from a single source to be able to do better. Six months later the first ones ran and produced top quality devices right away.

In 2002 Gleim moved to Liechtenstein and integrated the production in the sales headquarters. To drive company expansion, Gleim also took over as Managing Director of the Swiss distribution. From 2003 to mid-2007 he was Senior Vice President for the worldwide sales headquarters.

Over the next ten years it built Glue as CEO the American Market with over 15,000 enthusiastic people Distribution partners and wrote down double-digit annual growth rates consistently fantastic track records. At the same time he carried out as CEO significantly to the rapid development of worldwide sales at and led it to the top of the P.E.M.F. Industry.

2017 matured in Niki Reiner Gleim the wish from the family business to get off. Glue with one big smile on the face: “Family Business is not always that easy! "

In 2020 he founded Centropix Global AG and Centropix USA LLC together with his longtime American companions George Gasich and Youcef Benloucif, both rock stars in the American direct sales industry. This was the basis for two of their own international high-tech health care systems manufacturer and at the same time network marketing company created.

Youcef Benloucif

From Algeria to the Top of the US Sales Charts

With three decades of experience as an elite salesperson, holistic health professional, and global entrepreneur, Youcef's successes have influenced and empowered hundreds of thousands of lives. 

He founded Holistic Solutions Technologies and co-founded the Tobias Healing Institute, a functioning orthomolecular medical practice. He also achieved the highest rank in terms of sales, group sales, and earned a position as a certified academy director and advisor to one of the largest P.E.M.F. companies on the planet. Youcef works tirelessly to promote the "natural healing of the body.”

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He was a co-founder of Tobias Healing Institute, an orthomolecular medical practice, founded Holistic Solutions Technologies and reached the highest rank in terms of sales, group sales and position as certified Academy director and advisor to one the largest P.E.M.F. Sales worldwide.

Before these massive successes Youcef received a four-year full scholarship at the University of Aix-Marseille, France. At the age of 23 Youcef emigrated to the USA and pursued the American dream. Born in Algeria, Youcef trained in France and captured several top managers Management positions in direct sales.

To get financial success and freedom Youcef shifted his career towards holistic healthcare, where he was the main North American distributor from Amega Global, specializing in wellness energy Singapore based company, was awarded.

Youcef promoted the use of various devices to the ethereal energy field balance of the body, and tirelessly informed the people about this "new field". Youcef toured the USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Algeria, China, the Mongolia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

Youcef is fluent in five languages and has traveled around the world. He is co-founder and managing director of Centropix Global AG. He will use his lifelong experience to introduce holistic principles, as well as the training area and strengthen and promote marketing. Youcef's knowledge is based on the emerging areas of quantum energy, of quantum biology and the bioresonance potential to Biofield of the organism with the connection "body, mind and soul" too influence.

As an unprecedented market expert with an infectious passion, Youcef offers enthusiasm based on experienced insights into the Centropix Philosophy, the vision of the corporate teams and the future Centropix's worldwide mission brand partners.

George Gasich

Network Marketing Pioneer & Direct Sales Master

George has been a direct selling titan for 30 years and helped revolutionize the network marketing industry.

After graduating from Indiana University, George discovered direct sales and quickly made a career as a senior sales rep at Fund America, Quorum, Quantum Leap, Melaleuca, Immune-26, Enagic, and BEMER.

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George's innate ability to maintain relationships, build loyalty and accept the sale,
made him a valued network marketing personality in the field of affiliate marketing. When George worked with Fund America in direct sales stepped in to be targeted one to build his career. As George Novel in 1992 for Quorum electronic technology sold he soon met Youcef Benloucif, a lifelong business partner and should become family friends.

In 2006, George and his team brought Japanese company Enagic to a new dimension. Before George got into the Enagic direct sales model came in was Kangen Water, Enagic's leading top leader, little present in North America. George got in with his sales group her team on and stepped out of the stand sales of 200 units to initially 2,000 units per month. Later even 5,000 units. George's team sold more than 130,000 units, what a equivalent to a turnover of $650 million, before joining the company left. Today Kangen is in charge of sales water, the George's friends and families he introduced to the business has left the industry with a team turnover of over one billion dollars.

As a co-founder of Centropix George is sure his dream fulfilled, billions of people health, wealth and to bring hope. After George had an incredible achieved financial success and has achieved personal goals, he strives for more: To serve society, empower people and dreams to make it come true. This is the the epitome of a life with "Centropy" at the molecular level from Centropix.

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The Complete BUBBLE package which includes your BUBBLE PEMF pendant and necklace strap.

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The Complete COCOON home EMF protection system, including the E-smog, Concentration, and Food Converter cards.

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